About Spire Capital

Spire Capital is an independent, boutique funds management company. We focus on providing retail access to global investment opportunities, which have previously only been available to institutional investors.

We call this democratised investing, and it is available via the SPIRE GLOBAL INVESTMENT SERIES.

We are thematic in our selection of asset classes and opportunities; looking for ideas and strategies which we believe can add significant outperformance and diversification to a portfolio.

We then seek out the best global manager in that asset class and partner with them to make that opportunity available to our clients. These alliances provide our clients access to high performing international investments.

This allows our clients to Invest Above. And Beyond.

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The SPIRE GLOBAL INVESTMENT SERIES has been developed to provide access to international investments across difficult to access asset classes.

  • Global Listed Equities

    Spire Copper Rock Capital Global Smaller Companies Fund

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  • Global Real Estate

    Spire USA ROC Seniors Housing and Medical Properties Fund (AUD)

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  • Private Debt

    Spire Wholesale Alternative Income Fund No.1 (AUD)

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  • Alternative Assets

    Spire Wholesale Alternative Income Fund No.1 (AUD)

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Our Global Investment Partners

The SPIRE GLOBAL INVESTMENT SERIES is backed by these world-class investment firms.

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