Working With Global Investment Leaders

Spire is focused on sourcing the very best investment managers from around the globe in markets that we believe are inefficient and enable value to be created for investors.

We believe that skill is a differentiator – some teams are specialists and elite in their field enabling them to sustain premium performance be it in sport, business and/or investment.

Our investment partners within the Spire Global Investment Series are proven specialist performers within their asset class, with lengthy and successful track records and deep mature teams.

Bridge Investment Group

Headquartered in Salt Lake City Utah, and with offices in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Orlando and Hong Kong, Bridge Investment Group LLC (Bridge) is a leading privately held real estate investment and property management firm that manages US$8.8 billion in assets under management within its registered investment advisory businesses. Bridge combine a 1,000-person, US nationwide, “boots-on-the-ground” operating platform with specialised teams of investment professionals focused on select US real estate verticals, which we believe offer above-market opportunity: MultifamilyAffordable HousingSeniors Housing & Medical Properties, Office and Debt Strategies.

Bridge is the Investment Manager for the Spire USA ROC Series Funds. ‘ROC’ is an acronym for Real estate Opportunity Capital.

The Investment Philosophy

“To buy the right property in the right place – at the right time and at the right price.”

Bridge seeks to provide investors with strong capital appreciation and attractive risk-adjusted returns by opportunistically investing in selected sectors of the real estate markets, primarily in multifamily, commercial office and senior housing properties.

Bridge target assets that:

  • Can be acquired at values which do not reflect their underlying potential after an extensive value added improvement process, and
  • Are projected to be cash flow positive and provide meaningful current income to investors, either immediately or after improvements.

Investments are considered throughout the United States with an emphasis on distressed, opportunistic, mispriced or overlooked properties located in high growth markets. Throughout the entire investment cycle, we actively communicate with our investors to keep them abreast of the status of their investments, by inviting participation in underwriting management committee meetings and by providing detailed quarterly and annual fund statements.

The principals at Bridge possess extensive experience in all facets of real estate investment. This includes development, management, operations and capital management, and spans all major asset classes especially the multifamily apartment, commercial office and senior housing sectors. As a result of this expertise, the Bridge team has the capability to effectively evaluate a wide variety of real estate investments from core to value-add and opportunistic / distressed. Additionally, Bridge have the “on the ground” resources to operate and add value to these assets. These capabilities enable Bridge to provide attractive investment returns while minimising risks.

Bridge Investment Group Website

Spire funds managed with this partner

  • Spire USA ROC IV Fund (AUD) - NEW

    Zenith Research - "Recommended"

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  • Spire USA ROC Office Fund I (AUD) - NEW

    Zenith Research - "Recommended"

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  • US Workforce Affordable Housing (Wholesale Investors only)


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  • Spire USA ROC III Fund (AUD)

    The Fund's original Zenith rating was “Highly Recommended”, however this is now not current as the Fund's capital raising period has expired.

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  • Spire USA ROC II Fund (AUD)

    The Fund's original Zenith rating was “Highly Recommended”, however this is now not current as the Fund's capital raising period has expired.

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  • Spire USA ROC Seniors Housing and Medical Properties Fund II

    Zenith "Recommended"

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  • Spire USA ROC Seniors Housing and Medical Properties Fund (AUD)

    The Fund's original Zenith rating was “Highly Recommended”, however this is now not current as the Fund's capital raising period has expired.

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  • Spire Wholesale Alternative Income Fund No.1 (AUD)


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Equity Venture Partners (EVP)

EVP’s key personnel have extensive experience investing in, building and scaling early stage, high-growth technology companies. Members of the Investment Committee have been active investors in the sector for over 20 years and have established successful track records over that time.

The Investment Team comprises Les Szekely, Howard Leibman, Justin Lipman and Daniel Szekely. The Investment Committee comprises the four members of the Investment Team as well as Craig Butcher, who serves as an external member of the committee.

EVP seeks to ensure a strong alignment of interest between investors, the Fund Manager and members of the Investment Committee.

Spire funds managed with this partner

Copper Rock Capital Partners

Copper Rock Capital Partners believe small cap strategies should be managed in a boutique where the investment team can set the investment strategy and the investment capacity of each product with the ultimate focus on delivering superior performance. Copper Rock’s investment team and process are led by one of the most senior global equities teams in the U.S. Under the direction of Steve Dexter, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, and his colleagues, Denise Selden, CFA, and David Shea, CFA, each of whom have more than 25 years portfolio management experience, the team manages over $2 billion in global equities strategies.

Copper Rock Capital Partners believes that small and mid-cap markets are inefficient. They take advantage of the inefficiencies across market capitalization and geographies to generate alpha for our clients. They apply rigorous fundamental research combined with a disciplined sell strategy to identify companies with superior growth relative to their peers. Their ability to identify these top-performing companies before widespread investor recognition drives valuations upwards leads to consistent levels of out-performance over time.

Rigorous Sell Discipline

A well executed sell discipline adds incremental value to Copper Rock Capital Partners’ investment strategies over time. These sell disciplines, for which the teams have become known, keep their investment professionals focused on what they own, when to sell, and differentiate them from the competition.

Risk Management

Copper Rock Capital Partners recognizes the importance of applying disciplined risk management at the individual strategy level and firm wide. Their investments strategies are designed to adapt as the markets evolve while always maintaining a practical application of risk management to ensure the alpha generation is consistent and within the requirements of their clients.

Copper Rock Capital Partners believe using a balance of quantitative and fundamental analyses to identify companies with superior growth relative to their peers will lead to consistent levels of outperformance. They seek to identify the emerging leaders across industries because investing in future market leaders enables them to provide their clients with access to best-of-class companies at an early point in their growth cycle and before widespread investor interest drives valuations upward. This dynamic strategy combined with the following attributes generates strong and consistent long-term performance, and differentiates them from their competitors.

More information on Copper Rock Capital Partners’ small cap investment strategies

Spire funds managed with this partner

  • Spire Copper Rock Capital Global Smaller Companies Fund

    Zenith "Recommended" / Lonsec "Recommended"

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